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I'm proud to announce my new role as Cycling Coach for AXN Fitness and Coaching, LLC. I'll be working with Marissa Axell, AXN CEO and Founder. As an accomplished cyclist, coach and personal trainer, she inspires women to make positive changes in their lives and step into their strength.

Cycling Coach

AXN Fitness and Coaching

Marissa and I go back a long way. We started out as teammates on a cycling team, I trained her to replace me as a bike fitter when I moved on to teach bike fit at Specialized and most importantly, we've always been friends and have supported each other whenever possible.  I feel it is my role to support women so we all can rise together. Fighting bias takes everyone. This is especially true in the cycling world.

We help those who identify as women over 40 become Badass Cyclists by showing them how to become stronger, ride further, and reclaim their mojo all while training less. Rider’s health and mental health is extremely important to us because we believe it impacts everything in their life.


We take cyclists from feeling exhausted, shame, confused, and frustrated to feeling stronger, empowered, and energized. Using our unique framework and systems, we help riders stop “trying everything” and accelerate results by training smarter, not harder. 


Our athletes not only take charge of their bikes, they also aim in the direction of their dreams, achieve their goals and positively impact their life.


Visit to learn more about Marissa and her proven system.


"I have had the pleasure to know and work closely with Ms. Bates
for the past 10 years. At the time I was the Sports Medicine
Consultant to Specialized Bicycles, Inc. My role there was to
create innovative biomechanical cycling products and oversee the
international instruction of bicycle fitting known as Body
Geometry and Retül Fit. Ms. Bates was an integral member of the
team that helped accomplish our goals. She became and remains
today one of the most experienced performance and medical bike
fitters in the world."

Andrew P., EdD

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